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Accelerating a Sustainable Future - Transforming Waste into Wealth!

High value biopolymers

Resilient growth

Reducing production time & cost

Sustainable business model

Our Story

We accelerate mycelium's unique ability to synthesise high-value biopolymers to deliver biodegradable, circular and superior alternatives to petroleum-based plastics.

Our materials are cost-competitive, carbon-negative, and possess superior properties.


Our Technology

Our Values

At Maicelium, we value sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. We are committed to creating a better future for the planet by providing sustainable alternatives to polluting petrochemical plastics. 

Our Team

Our team consists of microbiology experts, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating elegant & sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Join Our Mission

We are currently looking for the right strategic partner who shares our vision to make a massive change in the plastic industry and positively impact our planet. If you feel aligned with our goals, we are welcoming you to join our journey to create a greener & cleaner future.

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Our Partners

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Our Impact


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Strategic Partnerships


Competative advantages in a fast growing market


Industry Awards

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